Company Incentives/Objectives

Each time, more and more companies decide to dedicate a day to strengthen the values ​​of participation, strategy, leadership or team spirit with incentives and activities of Team Building.
Alma Concierge can offer you several proposals and locations to carry out your event although what we like most are the boat trips since many of these values ​​are worked on in their navigation daily and the effort and motivation of the crew is a great
example of this.

The philosophy of your brand will be the guiding thread in group dynamics and that each of the participants contribute their best creating the perfect gear to improve the daily work and future projects.

The options of activities are many and of course the day will be complemented by the services you want to offer. We have organized several Nautical Team Building or Corporate Regatta events with great success.

We guarantee your personalized answers and quick solutions and that you will always benefit from the best value for your money.

We will be happy to help you throughout the process from planning to execution and that together we will make that day a successful day.

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